KETO BAKED - Ketogenic Baking and Desserts(中英雙語Chinese-English Bilingual)

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Keto diet expert and writer Kelly Tan Peterson is back with her latest release, Keto Baked. Between recipes as well as advice from her husband, Dr. Dan, on the health benefits of the Keto diet, in this 240-paged book, Kelly relates the story of how she began experimenting with baking while respecting the Keto lifestyle guidelines with an unlikely ally – her mother.

As a child, Kelly never had a close relationship with her mother, who showed her little to no affection or praise. She grew up longing for her mother’s love, which she had assumed was reserved solely for her three brothers. She carried on with this assumption well into adulthood, even after her move to the United States in 2009, when she married her husband, Dr. Dan Peterson, who introduced her to the Keto diet. Since then, they as a couple, have touched the lives of many by advocating the Ketogenic lifestyle and its many benefits, including disease prevention.

In 2012, Kelly’s mother came to her home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a month-long visit. Despite her strict adherence to the Keto diet, Kelly nevertheless allowed her mother to cook rice in the house as she pleased. Much to her surprise, her mother only wanted to eat whatever Kelly prepared for herself and her family: Keto food.

It was during this summer that Kelly and her mother grew close, as her mother began to embrace the Keto lifestyle and the changes that came with it. One day, her mother asked if it was possible to bake a butter cake while adhering to Keto rules. Stunned, Kelly confessed that she had not had any cakes in over 3 years. Nevertheless, she granted her mother’s request and was pleasantly surprised with the results – that it was indeed possible to enjoy Keto desserts.

Sadly, after three years upon her mother’s return to Singapore, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. With Kelly’s help – and her own willingness to adhere to the Keto diet – her mother’s condition began to improve. During this time, Kelly experimented baking Keto desserts for her. Though she eventually reverted to a high-carb diet and passed away a day before Kelly’s arrival in Singapore, her mother spent the little time she had left with Kelly to tell her how proud she was of her and her accomplishments, and it was only after her mother’s death that Kelly truly realized the depth of her mother’s love for her.

In this new release, Kelly shares some of the recipes that she created for her mother, including Butter Cake, and Tiramisu. With Keto Baked, Kelly shows how traditional desserts can be altered as a healthy alternative that doesn't compromise the Keto diet. Dr. Dan also shares his insights on the health benefits and disease prevention of the Keto lifestyle.

Keto Baked is not only a revolutionary cookbook but also a look into how the Keto lifestyle helped a daughter and mother forge the strongest bond – one that transcends culture, traditions and diets, and even death.

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