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by Kelly Tan Peterson & Dr. Dan Peterson

This book is a bilingual - English and Mandarin. Asian Food Without The Rice, Starches, And Sugar? Yes! Keto East offers your favorite Asian Dishes that are outrageously delicious and satisfying without the carb. Food is Love. American-Singaporean Kelly knew this as a child eating her family's Asian dishes. However, food became a nightmare in her twenties as she battled a yo-yo weight gain that escalated into self-loathing for 18 years. Discovering low carb high fat (LCHF) Ketogenic eating lifestyle from her husband doctor Dan, she returned to love: in her marriage, with her food, and ultimately with herself. Keto East honors her favorite delicious childhood recipes, which Kelly offers up Keto style. Rarely is a cookbook such an emotional journey, Kelly's love story will inspire anyone that has struggled or struggles with food and their weight to live KETO, enjoying delicious and satisfying comfort foods while reclaiming their health and self-esteem.

没有米饭,淀粉,和糖的亚洲膳食? 对!《生酮东方味》提供你最喜爱的亚洲菜肴,非常美味和令人满足并且无碳水化合物 食物就是爱。美籍新加坡人凯莉,从小在家里吃父母亲为她烹煮的亚洲食物时就知道这一点。然而,在她20来岁的时候开始,食物却变成了噩梦,因为18年来她与厌恶的体重作斗争。九年前通过她丈夫,丹医生,发现了低碳高脂生酮饮食疗法,让她找回了爱:在她婚姻里,食物里,最终也学会了爱自己。《生酮东方味》让凯莉用生酮烹煮方式呈现童年时最喜欢的美味食谱。很少有这样一本情感丰富的食谱书,凯莉爱的故事将激励任何与食物,健康和体重抗衡,或正在挣扎的人体验生酮饮食生活方式, 享受美味又令人满足的食物的同时还可以恢复健康与自信!

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